About Us 

LumberYard Pub is owned by Michael and George. They have been best friends since they were in middle school. They graduated as chefs in one of the great culinary schools in America. They decided to build their own Pub and Restaurant after they graduated.  


The building structure was the original location of LumberYard Pub owned by Mr. and Mrs. Lumber. Since the original name and place is cool and nice, we decided to keep the name by itself. We’ve done few renovations on the place and turned it into modern style. 


We’ve been in the business for just 5 years and we are proud to say that we are doing great in this business. In fact, our second branch is now in the process of being constructed and we’re soon to open our second branch. Please wait for a few weeks to experience LumberYard Pub services in the city of Madison. 


We are proud to say that our pub is featured in some food magazines and food critics from Wisconsin and television networks leave good reviews on our food and services. Check our credibility and information from other blogs and review sites. 


Like a few other establishments, we from the LumberYard Pub want to make a difference. We want to keep the sharing and caring spirit in our business. We share and give back our blessings to the local community of Milwaukee. Every time we hold events in our pub, the entry fee we collect are 100% donated to the local organizations in the community of Milwaukee.  


At LumberYard Pub, you will enjoy every food and drinks we offer. We believe that you deserve to be treated to great services after work and off work and we are happy to serve you spectacular dishes that satisfy your palate and give you better entertainment.