Crumptious Burgers and Sliders, Signature Pasta Dishes

 Welcome to the LumberYard Pub website! If you are searching for great food and a wonderful spot to hang out in, LumberYard Pub is the right place for you. 


LumberYard Pub has been established 5 years ago and until now, it is reigning as the best pub and restaurant in Milwaukee. I’m sure when you go and visit our pub, this will definitely be your favorite, especially when you taste our food and experience our services. If you’re planning to visit us and can get your car down to go to our area, maybe you should call the local and get your car secured and safe by installing the highest quality door on your garage. They are known for their exceptional skilled repairmen, so call their hotline now to make sure that even if you’re not around your house, your car is safe. And you might definitely enjoy your whole day with us. 


Scrumptious burgers and sliders, signature pasta dishes and more delectable dishes and desserts are offered by LumberYard Pub. We may not change our menu options but there are tons of food and drinks to choose from. This will make sure that you can explore the taste of our food. 


Need catering for your birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or events? LumberYard Pub provides catering services for your special occasions or gatherings at an affordable price. Our catering manager will not only help you choose the food you want at the reception but she can also be your event consultant. Helping you from your food choices, to invitations, to the venue, at absolutely no extra charge. 


If you are celebrating your events in different venues, LumberYard Pub is capable of making complete arrangements for your day. We have been catering on and off premises for 5 years and we have successfully impressed our customers with our unexpected skills and knowledge in this service. You will get our services at an affordable price that suits your budget. Please make a call now and know the exact information about our catering services. We want to help in any way. 


In addition to our services, take-out is also available here. All food listed on our menus are available for dine-in and take-out. You can now bring and enjoy our food right from the comfort of your home any time of the day and any day of the week. 


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